When Peaceful Protest Becomes Terroristic Threatening

As a U.S. citizen, I am for the rights extended to us across the board. That includes the right of people to engage in peaceful protest under the rule of law.

  • Rule of law means in ways that express a group opinion while not interfering with civil and other necessary services in the locations where protests are held.
  • Rule of law means protesting, but not engaging in violence and crime.
  • Rule of law means protesting in ways that do not provide a vehicle for criminals to ply their trade.

Here is what is understood when an individual crime is committed.

  • If I am willingly with a criminal when they commit a crime, I am an accessory to the crime.
  • No matter my role or original intent, if I’m with him/her, I am involved.
  • If I provide a means of a criminal to commit a crime I am involved and I am an accessory.
  • If I act in a way that even by perception threatens law enforcement or private citizens, I am involved in terroristic threatening.

So it should be with protesters.

The garbage that is going on in Ferguson, Missouri is no longer the action of reasonable and peaceful protest. It is a platform for criminals provided by people who are protesting, not racial injustice, but any rule of law they don’t like.

The grand jury decision that is now pending is clearly being watched by those intent on the threat of violence if they don’t like the decision. Rule of law be damned, they will break, attack, loot, threaten their way to a non-conclusion that will result in nothing.

Nothing but a news platform for people to complain about how unjust police are, how unjust the system is to a race, unjust for …… anything.

Just so long as it provides a reason to protest.

It’s time for the protesters in Ferguson to be treated like what they have clearly become.

Dangerous, property and life threatening criminals.

There is no longer any hope for “reason”. The protestors have thrown that out the door. The only thing they will agree to is a decision that satisfies their desire for control, regardless of evidence, rule of law, or the legal system that works the same for everyone.

It’s time for force in stopping criminal protestors in their tracks.

The shooting in Ferguson is a local case that should be dealt with locally. The president, attorney general and any other federal official should stay out of it and keep their mouths shut about it.

The police have every reason to ramp up their presence. The governor has every reason to call in the National Guard.

And the police and government officials in other states where protests are “scheduled” should do the same.

The opportunity for peaceful protest is past in this case. It is no longer possible. The race baiters, camera vultures, plain looters, and violent criminals have infiltrated them at every level.

They will not allow peaceful, lawful protest.

That known, it’s time to tell the protestors to kiss off.  Quit giving them camera time.

It’s time for police chiefs, sheriffs, governors, and mayors to make it clear they will use force to stop the protests that are pointless, dangerous, and now criminal.

In spite of its flaws, our rule of law should now be upheld and protected from those who threaten violence at its implementation.

Protected by force. Time to stop the threats in Ferguson.