What Subjects Belong On Facebook?

A number of people like to lecture on what subjects should or shouldn’t be discussed on Facebook or on “social media” in general. They like to appear noble by looking like they’re staying above the fray in whatever controversial issues are trending.

Here’s the reality. Facebook and other social media are public forums. That means users decide what they want to post. Other users decide how or whether to respond. Period.

That takes a wide range of subjects into consideration. But eliminating the most controversial current issues and subjects, we are then limited to endless posts about the most benign subjects of everybody’s life.

Facebook does not survive and thrive on those alone. It survives and thrives by the provocative, serious, local, state, country, world events as seen and discussed by its members.

Along with the things we just like to share with our friends because they’re important to us personally.

It thrives on the combination. That’s what makes it unique.

Take away either, and you take away a primary component of posting and discussion that makes Facebook keep on keeping on.

To people with even a modicum of attentive insight, it becomes pretty clear what gets attention,  comments, agreements, anger, shares, etc. for posts. Those that don’t get it rely on “share if you” ……

The Range of Posting Reasons

*People might post because it’s interesting or important to them personally.
*People might post to vent or express sorrow or anger.
*People might post to express concern about issues.
*People might post to intentionally invoke anger.
*People might post to genuinely provide help on any subject.
*People might post to provide humor.

Any of the above may be written by people who are Christian or non-Christian, happy, sad, mad, depressed, thoughtful, steady, erratic, calm, bipolar, suicidal, educated …. or not, smart, or well, you can use your imagination from here.

Whatever the reason, it is generally self policing. When we post we get a response …. or not. Whatever that response is in relation to what we posted, we all experience the same thing that keeps us all in line.

We all get what we deserve ……… usually.

That’s the way open public forums work. Without all of that, they wouldn’t be worth the time spent to log in.

They’d be boring. And we can get that anywhere.

Think of it. Decide what to post. Decide how to present it. Post it. Get the deserved response.


Circle of life on a public forum.