Mark Rogers Bio

I’m Mark Rogers, best known online as the “Christian Gun Owner”. The web site by that name is this blog’s parent site. Content in both includes gun reviews, 2nd amendment rights commentary, political discourse, and general discussions of life improvement. This is all from a clear Christian standpoint.

I’m a Christian, husband, father, friend, and an avid shooter and fisherman. My wife and most often my daughter shoot with me and were part of the Church Group I led for 4.5 years: Right On Target.

I’ve been a part of one church for nearly 30 years and served on the full time pastoral staff there for 9 years.

My intent is to make a living making other peoples’ lives definably better.

This blog and my other sites reflect my belief that as Christians we are to be servants to humanity. That does not include being doormats to every individual or group that decides they hate us. And it does not mean allowing criminals unchallenged access to us or our families.

The writing both here and on the CGO site becomes somewhat raw from time to time. But in reality, face to face, I’m known as a very friendly guy.

If you’re bothered by the style of writing, just look at a picture of me smiling. Maybe it will help a little.