Welcome To A. V.

Welcome to the Aggregate Verity website/blog. The site carries the name it does to allow us to interact about a little bit more than guns and politics. But it will still stay within a realm of subjects related to core values we share as Christians, Americans, gun owners or all three.

The purpose of this blog is to exceed the 500 word limit and restrictions of the one built in the host of the CGO site. This one also gives me another fully owned and controlled stand-alone site that can be taken in any direction, regardless of its parent site.

And it provides readers the ability to have some direct interaction with me over issues that we care about. A link to the form to contact me is in the sidebar.

Not to be mistaken for a “free speech” forum.

There will be controversial subjects written about here. People can disagree with me and I’ll consider and discuss their views provided some semblance of decency is used in the contact with me.

I have removed the ability of people to “comment” on the site, because of rank abuse that I don’t need to spend my time sorting out. When discussions become too rank or they begin to go around in circles, they will stop on any given article.

I like hearing from people who have something to add to what I write, but disagreements that go on long enough to go around in circles will be discontinued. In those cases the person contacting me here would be better served starting or posting on their own site.

How to multiply what’s here:

I also started this blog because I decided I wanted a Christian Gun Owner blog that was not owned by Google. This one has the potential to be helpful to a wide range of people with your help.

If you find something valuable on the site, sharing it on social networks or especially linking to it from websites will help keep it in front of a maximum number of people.

So, this is the overflow from the Christian Gun Owner web site. It should be enjoyable and hopefully helpful to readers. I’ll do my best to keep it reasonably current, though I also try to frequently include articles that are principle based and will be relevant now or ten years from now.

Having said all that, enter at your own risk.

Looking forward to hearing from old friends and meeting and hearing from new ones.