Voting For The Best For Our Country

No Christian currently facing the voting choices available today should be intimidated by the loud, incessant nonsense of those insisting that voting is bad under the circumstances.

I’ve never known of a situation where Christians staying out of the voting process made a city, state, or the country better.

Lesser of two evils, The best worst, Voting for evil – Those and other collections of words are used by the most self righteous religious malcontents to harass believers into believing voting is a sin this year. Those are phrases we’re seeing propagated even by Christians who are voting now.

They have come to the conclusion that those phrases are their only choice because people they respect are telling them they have no other choice.

But those are just collections of words that can and should be responsibly ignored.

Nobody has to consider the “lesser of two evils” regardless of who the eventual candidates are.

We should examine the abilities and platform of each candidate. Then we can and should go to the polls after deciding “who will be best for our country”. That’s the only decision we have to make.

We live in a free country that God has blessed us with.

Your decision to participate in deciding who is best for our country is far more valid and responsible than the alternative.

Whether we vote or not, somebody is going to become president. Only one will be the best choice for our country.

If we don’t vote, we have nothing to do with that decision. Anybody attempting to spiritually shame or threaten you into neglecting that critical process is grossly irresponsible.

For you, me, everybody, we get a president no matter what. When we don’t vote we just become the victims of what somebody else voted for.

When you vote you won’t be voting for the lesser of anything.

You’ll be voting for who you think is the best choice to lead the U.S.  Please do so proudly and thankfully.