Tucson, Arizona Safer With Officer Rapiejko On The Job

The one Tucson, Arizona police officer that apparently knew that a guy with a loaded high power rifle who had just committed multiple crimes and shooting the gun into the air had to be stopped did what it took.

He had to be stopped before he killed one of the officers or another citizen. There were no excuses left when officer Michael Rapiejko accelerated around a fellow officer, ramming his police cruiser into murderous criminal Mario Valencia.

Now of course, multiple tv talking heads are trying, without seeming too obvious, to get somebody to say it was “excessive force” or somehow against some moral imperative. After all, ramming a “human being” with a car has to be bad. Right?

Not if that “human” has just held up a 7-Eleven, started a church fire, invaded a home and stolen a car, and stole a rifle and ammunition. That rifle and ammunition were what was turned into the next source of his tirade, and showed him to be the deadly monster that he is.

Officer Rapiejko did it right. With a quick and accurate evaluation, he did what was necessary to stop the rifle shooting creep without any further danger to anybody else. He risked his own life and limb to stop the criminal instantly and decisively.

The unfortunate reality is that his actions showed the indecisiveness of his fellow officer that couldn’t quite make up his mind what to do.

Now tv interviewers are wanting to get some kind of sewage spewing about this not being part of the training “protocol” of the police force. One attorney lamented how unfortunate it was that it was accepted that an officer would run over a human being.

Sorry, but when somebody is in the middle of doing what Mario Valencia was doing, they put their “humanity” on hold and become a sub-human source of pain and murder. They do it willingly and with the ability to choose otherwise. They lose the right to be considered human while they are being pursued and defended against.

At this point, the only thing that anybody responsible can do is stop them by any means possible.

Exactly what this officer did.

He should be hailed as a hero. Anybody demeaning him should be scorned until they have to hide their identity.

Good job, officer Rapiejko.

With you on the job the people of Tucson, Arizona should be able to sleep more soundly and confidently at night, knowing they are that much safer by your presence.