Tragedy As A Shameless Liberal Political Tool

It’s too bad that liberals have taken to exhibiting political glee when somebody is shot, disabled, killed by a psychotic gunman. The Sandy Hook elementary school shooting has been a tragedy for America, but something that liberals saw as an advantage.

Don’t think so?

Liberal politicians and other voices shot guns at American freedoms using victims as bullets.

Obama used the victims’ families and their kids to line up with him to make his first gun control stand after the election. They have been shamelessly paraded in front of every liberal audience strategic politicians and mindless talking heads could get them in front of.

We all know what a buffoon Joe Biden is. It was a good sign for gun rights advocates when Obama made him the gun czar. One of the first things he did was suggest to the nation that women arm themselves with shotguns and commit felonies with them.

Biden became just another funny face in the liberal crowd that was loving using the word “babies” to refer to the Sandy Hook victims. Of course that was intentional for the emotional response.

Gabby Gifford is apparently on track to become the new female James Brady.

Liberals love having somebody who is somewhat physically disabled  with speech impairment from a gun shot, to convince us that some new gun control must take place. The Giffords are turning into a team that is becoming a gender reversed Sarah and James. Who knows. Maybe they can take over the distressed organization and call it the Gabby Center To Prevent Gun Violence.

Gabby Gifford’s cute little girl voice and broken sentences with her husband looking noble behind her in front of cameras is perfect for producing emotional responses. It has turned them into an intentional threat to our freedom.

What about the young girl on Piers Morgan who was the sister of a Sandy Hook victim. She sat smiling, whimsically looking into the air making statements about guns that were supposed to sound “knowledgeable”. That was even though she didn’t have a clue what she was talking about.

What liberals really believe

Liberals believe that truth is irrelevant. If they get the right emotional response, they win. Their intent is to reduce America to a land of monarch led domestic animals.

What was the result of all this endless tragedy display by liberals?

All the major gun control measures in congress failed.

For months we have heard how 95, 97, 96 ….. whoever conveniently quoted it, of the American people were “for universal background checks”. Funny, that’s not what they called and told their representatives and senators.

We’ve heard how 76, 78, 79 …. whatever … percent of NRA members were for magazine capacity limits. Funny, that’s not what our government officials heard.

We’ve heard how a large percentage of Americans were for “common sense” gun laws. That was correct. The American people just had common sense figured out without help from congress and political abominations like Mayor Bloomberg.

We were told by Bloomberg, any time he got in front of a camera, that the NRA was a paper tiger with no real power. What he found out is the NRA is us; not gun manufacturers.

The NRA is citizens that expect them to be a specific voice to represent what we pay them to represent. Sane Americans want the ability to protect themselves and victims like we’ve seen and heard from endlessly.

The NRA doesn’t run anybody’s life. The organization does what we, the members expect it to do. And they do it well. Obviously.

Their systematic uncovering of deception alongside papers with the high standards of the Washington Post exposed Obama for what we know he is. He’s a highly skilled political liar. Nothing else.

We’ve been told we “owe” the victims of Sandy Hook. That’s another place we agree. The American people believe we owe them the courtesy to be protected by responsible citizens bearing arms.

Results of liberalism applied to shameless victim displays for gun control

So, what has happened by waving these representatives of human suffering in front of cameras for weeks? The display that has resulted in no gun control results? It has degraded their positions and feelings and accomplished nothing but humiliation for liberals.

The second part of that formula is fine. Liberals deserve the humiliation for their intentional thrust at the throat of America.

No, America has better sense than is represented in Washington. When it comes right down to it, the majority of us know you don’t fight gunmen with your fingernails. Every adult that tried that at Sandy Hook got killed.

It’s obvious that Americans know that as tragic as victims’ stories are, it doesn’t make them any more authorities on gun rights, gun control or anything having to do with guns. We don’t cave to stupidity, regardless of how the emotional onslaught comes at us.

We know better. Turns out …… we’re smarter than Washington.

We feel bad for victims but know better than to let them become threats to our rights and freedoms.