The Simplicity Of Being A Pro Life Gun Owner

I recently watched a televised town hall style interview with a panel, made up primarily of ministers from various Christian organizations.

Some were pro-gun/self defense. Others were insistent that to own a gun with the intent of using it in self defense was contrary to the intent of the gospel.

The views in that respect were:
1) We must respect all human life.
2) To own a gun with the intent of self defense was to devalue those who may be a threat to us.
3) That it was counter to the belief in “pro-life” positions to own a gun that might possibly be used to take a life.
4) That to own a gun for self defense was an obligation imposed by other gun owners with no illegal intent.

The Predictable Nothingness of the Exchange

The exchange from both sides was nauseatingly predictable from somebody who’s been buried in the issue for the last 10 years. I was nearly able to lip sync each response as the questions were posed and challenges raised.

Predictably, there was the endless mention of the word “discussion” which has what has been happening for the last 35 years while mass shootings have become more and more common.

There was the usual decades long regurgitation of what all the “answers” are (none of which have worked). Then the typical blame because of all the things the church is doing wrong.

Ad nauseam.

The Always Missing Question

Not once did anyone opposed to gun ownership for self defense answer the question, “If you were with your spouse, friends, family, and a shooter came in, would you use a gun to defend them? Or would you let them be cut down one by one because you don’t want to devalue human life?”

No the discussion went on and on and they never had to answer that as they made the case for the evil of gun self defense.

Why did they never answer that question?

Because nobody on the side of firearm self defense ever asked it and insisted on an answer.

Nobody has the guts in those public forums to look at the ones self righteously accusing gun owners of violating the gospel, and ask the question, “If your family’s life is on the line, and you won’t use a gun, who’s gonna shoot back?”


Then you, your wife/husband, kids are all dead on the spot because you’re so intent on “valuing” all human life the same, that your family loses theirs.

Pro Life Does Not Mean Being A Doormat For Killers

No, I’m pro-life. I believe in the sanctity of life.

I know that unborn babies are human beings and that their life is sacred. And I know that it is killing of an innocent unborn human being to take their life through abortion.

I am against abortion for any reason. Why?

Because whoever is guilty of whatever in producing that baby, the unborn baby is always innocent.

I am pro-gun rights and pro self defense for anybody of any religion or race. That means pro-self defense from random criminal attacks on me, my family, friends, or even unknown bystanders.

Those are not opposing positions.

If I have a gun, which I usually do, I’ll be shooting back.

How can I do that as a Christian? I can do it to preserve the lives of people who will be cut down by a gunman or gunmen that have no regard for human life or decency and are in the act of taking it from others.

Responding to persecution and random criminal attacks are two separate issues.

That’s not a matter of responding to persecution which is what Jesus dealt with, and what New Testament scripture goes on to deal with in our day to day responses and behavior.

None of that deals with random criminal attacks which is a matter of civil law and order. Under our state laws, we are allowed to defend ourselves and others with necessary force to stop somebody from killing or maiming us in random assaults.

Scripture nowhere forbids that, Old or New Testament. It is a simple moral imperative in a civil society of government and laws.

For Christians, being pro-gun means preserving life from those who would indiscriminately take it from innocent people.

It is not a matter of valuing some human lives over others. It is a matter of taking action when it is absolutely imperative to protect the loss of human life.

So, in haughtily asking the question of me or any gun owner, “How can you be pro-gun and pro-life?” you have the answer.

Being pro-life and pro-gun, one position has no bearing on the other.

My answer in return is, “Will you let your spouse, kids, friends die, or will you shoot back?”

More people with an understanding of the issue need to be asking that question.

And more Christians accusing Christian gun owners should be forced to answer it.