The General Public Can Help Lower The Body Count Of Future Mass Murderers

Regurgitating and parroting the same “clever” statements to try to put liberals in a “gotcha” situation is a proven waste of time, energy, and online space. We will never reason with idiocy that possesses an ideology that will not be released even at the expense of life or death.

That’s the theme of the article. But here is the intended outcome:

The body counts caused by maniacal, murderous criminals must be lowered. Criminals must be stopped before their carnage takes hold and massive numbers of innocent people are killed.

The criminals must be dead before a pile of dead men, women, and children is produced. There is only one way to ensure that.

None Of This Has Worked Yet

It is the only thing that matters in all the hand wringing, question asking, news head nonsense, psychological sludge, political posturing, religious evaluations, candlelight vigils, and the rest of the list too long to continue here.

There is the solid pro gun crowd. We understand it, think about it, promote it, know the value of it as far as our basic freedoms are concerned.

We know that the only hope of lowering body counts from murderous criminal assault is making sure more law abiding people are able to shoot back, or forcing all facilities that draw significant crowds to provide sufficient armed security.

There is the solid anti-gun crowd. No amount of reason, facts, statistics, and plain sanity will move them from their ideology.

We’ve wasted our time long enough. Besides that, they don’t decide the outcome of political battles for our rights any more than those of us in the pro gun crowd do.

The reality, in relation to the adult U.S. population is, pro-gun and anti-gun groups are both just ant hills compared to the general public.

Liberals often make reference to how “huge” the NRA is. It’s nothing compared to the massive general population.

That’s where our current and future efforts should be directed. Not the shrill repetitive diatribes thrown at our political, constitutional enemies. We should stop wasting our time trying to drive our enemy into the ground.

Our time and energy needs to be spent drawing in the general public that from day to day, week to week doesn’t think much about guns, murder, self defense, etc.

That’s the monstrous population that resides in middle America that eventually makes up the deciding factor in any gun rights battles. The kind of battles that usually follow some type of firearms tragedy combined with a political season that makes for the perfect storm.

They are the people who go about their lives daily without much thought about guns, criminal assault, mass murder, self defense ….. until it’s forced on them by events that nobody can ignore. Events that permeate the news with horror followed by political battles that are fought by what every lobbyist knows.

Numbers are what counts in the final tally of who wins anything in respect to the preservation of our rights.

No matter our race, gender, religion, or any other classification, numbers rule in America.

I’m a Christian and I have been one who believes in and has practiced prayer for almost 35 years. But relating to this subject, prayer will not work without action. That’s been proven for over 35 years.

People continue to die in the line of the gun barrels of deranged killers, and now terrorists. Until we act decisively to lower the body count we can pray till our tongues fall out.

We have to stop the killers. We won’t do that by doing nothing. And we won’t do it by continuing the conservative/liberal sword crossing.

From the viewpoint of our relatively small groups, that massive general public crowd is who we depend on to see reality when it is presented in respect to our constitutional rights and the value of them as it relates to all our safety and security.

Time to put away stupid memes, parroted cliches’, and begin to only direct our answers to liberal insanity to the general public. Throwing it back at liberals will not work.

They don’t change.

How We Appear Matters To Our Future As Gun Owners

The general public will look at us as gun owners. It will look at us in how we conducts ourselves. It will look at us in how we handle our firearms.

We have to convince them we are trustworthy to be able to help and show them how to protect themselves and their families without terrifying them.

The general public.

It’s where the future of necessary, legal firearms ownership, possession, carry, handling, and self defense lies.

It’s where keeping and advancing the ability of our rights to be able to extinguish killers before they amass a huge body count rests.

That’s where the numbers are.

Let’s Focus On One Issue

Always be ready to ask the question, “Who’s gonna shoot back?” of anybody who asks “why should anybody carry guns?” That’s a question and answer for any challenger or anybody who has a legitimate question about firearms possession and use.

And here’s the one to force on any liberal who challenges your right to possess a firearm for self defense: “If you were in some crowded place with your spouse, kids, parents, other family members, friends, and somebody came in and started shooting, would you accept the offer of my gun to defend yourself? Or would you just die, and let your family die while cowering on the floor, in a corner or under a table?”

Don’t let them escape answering. And do your best to be sure somebody who’s just trying to figure it all out is watching and listening.

Those questions asked of anybody force an answer. Let’s be sure to get them out broadly, in front of as many people as possible.

To liberals they will cause distress and avoidance.

To the general public, they’ll cause mental and emotional consideration, and provide enlightenment.

If we don’t start putting our attention in addressing the general public and start ignoring the diatribe of liberals, we are missing a huge opportunity to secure our rights for decades to come.