The Death Train Rolls Again

“And a guy just stood up and started opening fire. The guy was just kind of at ease, just standing there, just shooting.”

Once again, the death train speeds down the track; this time at The Grand Theater in Lafayette, Louisiana. The death train engineered by the sorry owners of the theater who assisted the shooter in being able to casually kill and maim unarmed people.

People made helpless by the denial of the establishment to provide armed security or to allow people with concealed carry permits to simply comply with state law.

How many times does this have to occur because of the asinine blood stained jackasses that forbid people to carry legally concealed handguns?

That means government officials, business owners, organization leaders, church leaders; any people who control facilities where people gather in numbers. Leaders who control these facilities without adequate armed security to protect the people on and in their property.

This death merry-go-round continues with the same old verbal sewage immediately following every mass killing. Verbal sewage that has solved nothing for decades. Why? How? When? What? Who?

Incessant speculation that means absolutely nothing. The police chief in Lafayette said they had to get the crime pieced together as soon as possible to give the families “closure”.

Is he serious?

*Police: You’re too late. They’re already dead.
*Useless news heads: Please spare us “why did the shooter do this?”
*Politicians: Please spare us the “we need stricter gun laws.”
*Activists: Please spare us the “we need more common sense gun restrictions.”

To those who enjoy appearing ultra spiritual, stop insisting God will fix this with just the right combination of spiritual acrobatics.

All that endlessly regurgitated tripe continues to make it easier for the murderers who pile up bodies every time their demented, sub-human minds conjure up some reason to kill people with impunity until they kill themselves.

We have the tools necessary to stop this slaughter right in front of us, right now.

This is the solution to mass murderers:

Business owners: Provide sufficient armed security or lift your stupid concealed carry restrictions.

Individuals: Arm yourself. Stop waiting on somebody else to protect you. Practice with and carry your firearm.

Individuals means Christians, Jews, atheists, agnostics, Buddhists, Scientologists and any other “ists” that exist in any religion. This is not a religious issue. It is a societal one that takes all of us to dispense with.

Everybody making sure the shooter is dead before the bodies pile up is what will work.

WHY DID THEY DO IT? Doesn’t matter
HOW DO WE CHANGE THIS? Is now the stupidest question possible.

One problem: Sub-human monsters who WILL continue to kill people in crowded facilities.
One Solution: Sufficient armed security or armed citizens killing them before they pile up the bodies.


The ongoing repetitive search for answers from the same sources has reached a point of deadly idiocy. Anybody who wants to continue to waste another 30 years like the last 30 have been wasted can continue to search out spiritual, philosophical, and mental health answers all they want.

But unless they want to be pointed out as guilty in assisting the killers, they would do well to stay out of the way of the actual solution.

In the meantime people with sense can arm themselves, refuse to be victims, and be prepared to stop this monstrous atrocity of helpless human shooting galleries. It’s time to stop lighting candles to remember the victims and start doing what’s necessary to prevent the deaths in the first place. 

Absent that, maniacal shooters will continue to kill men, women, children, young and old. That could include you and yours if you’re not prepared to do what you would call the police to do. You won’t have time to call them. You’ll already be dead.

Future news headlines should read: