The Answer To Murderous Maniacs Remains The Same

I just got through reading the comments on a blog post by a famous conservative commentator. The post was about mass shootings, comparing gun crimes with other sources of peoples’ deaths. It compared common use of everyday items and their danger to the statistical dangers of guns.


The comments then showed exactly why we stay right where we are when it comes to gun control, mass shootings, and what we must have in all of it. The comments turned racial from both sides of the fence. They turned scathingly political. They even went into abortion which had nothing to do with the original post.


Yet another monster, loose on society, walked into a church where people were worshipping. He sat for a few moments, then stood up, spouted some demented perception about the people there. Then he opened fire, killing 9 innocent people.

Yet another monster. Innocent people.Dyllan


ONE factor and one only would have made a difference in this story. That would be if he had died within seconds of when he drew his gun and opened fire.

But he lived. He got arrested. Police are proudly talking about how well they all worked together to capture him. Great. That’s what police are usually able to do. Capture somebody after they commit a crime.

Nine people died. No police were available to help.

Now what?

Oh we’ll get to hear newscasters trying to add stars to their crown breathlessly asking “why?” His mental health with be examined and discussed endlessly. His family will be examined. How he got the gun will be dredged up. Stuff law enforcement finds will be shown in all its breathtaking glory.

Gun control mongers will go on a rampage. Gun rights advocates will site the Second Amendment.

The nine innocent people are dead. None of the other stuff above matters. Stopping the next monster is all that does.

Reality Check

I’ll say something here that will anger many, but here goes. It’s just another monster in custody. What is done with him now, other than turning him loose, doesn’t really matter much. The people are dead.

That’s what he should be. Instead he lived to be arrested. The people are dead.

Let me see how clear I can get.

Until any church, business, organization of any size plans and implements their plans to, with deadly force, protect the people gathering, it’s just waiting till the next one.

Liberals can wring their hands about how we shouldn’t have to carry guns to be safe. Fine. See how that plays out when reasoning with the next person about to kill you.

Preachers against gun ownership and against armed security in their churches can distort scriptural reasons until people in their congregations end up dead.

Because they refused to protect them from random murderous criminals.

Business leaders, pastors, other church leaders, who are not willing to definitively answer the question, Who’s gonna shoot back? will be complicit with any shooter walking on to their campus with the intent to kill their employees, customers, or congregations.

The leaders at any location in America where people gather have only one consideration in whether to provide armed security. Will somebody be able to shoot back or do we just let people die?

If the church shooter died on the spot most of the people he shot could have lived.

No other legitimate answer exists.