Thanks For Voting

I can only speak to my conservative friends, Christian and non-Christian, because I am on the conservative side of the political spectrum.

Kudos to all of you who took the time to exercise a right in this free country. Kudos for voting early this week or today on “Super Tuesday”.

As Christians, thank you for exercising your right and exherting your influence. Thank you for your influence by voting for what was no doubt a result of digging deep into your conscience concerning the critical condition of America.

I’ve seen way too much of this phrase online lately, referring to Republican primary voters:

“If you call yourself a Christian ……”

Then trashing, and questioning the faith of anybody who voted for somebody, or in the eyes of the accuser not voting for somebody, whoever that candidate may have been. All of the front runners have been portrayed as nothing short of the Antichrist from various people, organizations, and each other.

Here’s a dose of reality to every Christian who voted or will vote in this Republican primary in any state. (Regardless of your choice of candidate)

Your identity as a Christian is grounded in your heartfelt faith in Christ as Savior and Lord.


Not in which Republican candidate you vote for.

Anybody who suggests otherwise is a self appointed apostle to online politics whose words are worth no more than the contents of a septic tank.

Whoever wins, whoever loses, whoever you voted for, thanks for voting.

It’s still what shapes America when the people participate in deciding who heads up the country. The more conservatives, the better.

The more Christian conservatives, even better.

Let’s take it to the finish line burying Hillary’s political future permanently.