Stop “Thinking About” Critical Self Defense And DO It!

“Thinking about” getting a handgun to carry for self defense, with the requisite concealed carry license won’t keep you or your family from getting killed when the shooting starts.

Plenty of gun stores in Arkansas; Fort Smith in particular where I live. Today, when I was working, a guy at the gun bar stopped me as I was walking past. He asked me a question about a gun a customer owned and was inquiring about the value of.

20 minutes later, that customer had a good idea of how to get the maximum value of that gun in dollars if sold. And he had a recommendation of one of three handguns in our cases he inquired about, that would provide him with the best, most dependable choice for self defense.

Between those three I was able to vouch for one, because I had owned (still own and carry one) two of the three he pointed out in his inquiry.

Requirements For Being A Victim Today

Today, here or anywhere in the world, all you have to be is a warm body to be randomly killed by a deranged shooter, inspired by some terrorist organization or otherwise just nuts.

All you have to be is present when a maniacal shooter or terrorist inspired wannabe starts firing. That includes your spouse and your kids of any age.

You don’t have to do anything to anybody.

Get your handgun or handguns. Work with your family on critical self defense actions (that means lethal self defense).

Stop “thinking about it” and do it before you and yours become an “I wish I had …..” article in a magazine or newspaper.