Reality Of Trump As President

*Donald Trump is not a Christian. Get over that notion.

*Donald Trump is not the savior of the world.

*Donald Trump is not the best choice for anyone primarily voting for social moral issues, i.e. abortion, gay marriage, or nominating U.S. Supreme Court nominees against the legality of the same.

*If Donald Trump is elected president, he will not spend much time or energy upholding Christian principles or protecting the rights of Christians or Christian churches.

*Donald Trump may be the best choice for financial recovery for the U.S.

*Donald Trump may be the strongest advocate against further illegal immigration. He would attempt to deal with problems with immigrants here illegally now, though his full-force deportation rhetoric would not materialize in the realities of U.S. government requirements.

*Donald Trump will be able to successfully, strategically deal with the countries now obliterating the U.S. in trade.

*Donald Trump [may] be the one to forcefully fix the exposed disgraceful V.A. issues dealing with vets that have not received proper regard or care. This is a [maybe] as it will be determined by how much focus he puts on it.

*Donald Trump will likely neither progress or detract from gun rights as they currently exist. That is unless a Supreme Court justice nominee for some other reason is pro or anti civilian gun ownership. Otherwise he will likely prefer to avoid the issue for other focal concerns.

***If congressional proposals for further gun control arise, he would likely fight them at that point. But there would be no real reason for any congressional action under his administration. Congressmen/women like their jobs too much. He would not be an advocate.

*Donald Trump will not act differently, for better or worse, as president, than he does as a candidate.

His primary emphasis as president will be financial, which will deal with trade, internal economy, jobs incentives, illegal immigration (as it relates to the other three). Those are what he knows, is skilled at, and focused on. Not any of the other.

He would promote a worldwide dominance posture of the U.S.

NOT an endorsement.

NOT an invitation to piggyback candidate endorsements.

ONLY a reality check for both sides – whoever loves or hates him.