Prayer And Politics Hand In Hand

OK. We get it!

As Christians, we understand that politics is a human endeavor.

As Christians, we understand that America’s problems are spiritual at their foundation. We, as Christians understand that prayer is primary in working through the most difficult dilemmas we face as a country.

But not without action.

What we don’t need is continuing endless lectures and giant memes stating “Politics is not the answer. God is.” or similar, thrown up like nobody else has ever said that. Scroll just casually through Facebook and you’ll see 50 per day.

Those are placed and worded as though the author or poster, or re-re-re-re-poster is at war against anybody doing anything except praying.

We don’t need criticism of political engagement, because without it, we will accomplish nothing, prayer or not.

What we pray for most often requires our action after or as we pray.

Consequences of Disengagement

Political action is no exception. And with or without prayer, politics and government is what we as Americans are forced to deal with on a human basis. That is, if we have any chance of being an influence on American culture and direction.

Throwing out angry “God posts” that indicate people should disengage from the political process is unconscionable.

Give the lectures a rest, and encourage people to pray as they influence and vote, acknowledging that it all works together.

That is the only option for successful redirection of this country as it is.