Police Shoot Out Of Fear For Their Life – Not Racism

With everything being put online in minutes all over the country, the rise in back seat authorities on everything has risen dramatically. Over the last year we’ve seen graphic, video instances of white police officers shooting black suspects.

The common thread in all of the shootings is the words “racist/racism“.

The common characteristics of people shouting those words naming each instance are:
1) They are actual racists just wanting to go to war with anybody who is a different color than them.
2) They are people trying to exhibit nobility by identifying with people of a different color to take up whatever “cause” may be present. In these cases they emotionally absorb what they perceive as a racial issue.

In this article, I’m not going to make any off handed, sarcastic comments, hard as it may be. But I am going to state facts based on experience with handguns and common sense. Common sense meaning following a thought through to a reasonable conclusion.

Whether you’re caucasian, light pinkish tan, off white, light beige – hereby known as “white”. Or whether you are brown, dark brown, dark beige, dark olive skinned – hereby known as “black”.

Most police shootings of black suspects have nothing to do with race(ism). It has to do with a police officer being afraid for their life when they pull the trigger.

IMPORTANT: That’s not about whether the shooting is always justified, as in training specifics, and under the conditions given that show deadly force is necessary. Because police are not always going to get that right.

That’s another subject.

But here’s what I can assure anybody of. When a police officer has a gun drawn or hand ready to do so, the actions of the suspect are crucial to the outcome. And if those actions indicate danger to the officer, under a high degree of fear of injury or death, it will often lead to a shooting.

Under concern of injury or death race is not an issue.
Nobody, you, me, or any police officer will be thinking about what color the suspect is at that moment. That’s not in the officer’s thinking in that horrifying time frame.

What’s running through that police officer’s mind as his/her finger tightens on the trigger is mental pictures of spouses, kids, life, death, pain. In other words, they become fearful of losing their life.

That’s when the trigger is pulled.

Not when the suspect is determined to be any particular color.

Shortly before this was written I went out to a location by the Arkansas River where I have exercised, fished, run my dog, etc., for decades. After a vigorous workout, I was back at my truck resting with a cool breeze blowing through my windows.

Understanding The Threat To Officers
Suddenly, I realized how I was sitting, where my full sized duty pistol I had carried that day was, and how an officer approaching me for any reason should have cause for concern.

The first picture shows my seated position and the hat by my right leg. Nothing unusual there. Or is there?


The second picture shows why the hat was close next to me. My pistol was between the seat cushions, ready to draw if necessary.

handgun-revealedThis is a properly possessed firearm carried with cc licensing.

The final picture shows my hand gripping the gun like I would if I had to go for it.


How fast could an officer lose their life?
What’s critical to know, and what would be critical to any officer approaching a vehicle where a person’s hands were not in plain sight is that from under the hat to in my hand pointed out the window was about 2 seconds.

2 seconds that if I were a violent criminal, and an officer approached my vehicle, I could end his/her life.

In 2 seconds.

If an officer approached and ordered me out of the car, I could step out and shut the door with the window still open.

If I said something like “Let me get my license”, and reached back in, I could have the gun out in just around 4 seconds.

4 seconds that could end an officer’s life.

If you didn’t know that, you can be sure, every officer in the country knows it every time they make a traffic stop. That knowledge is escalated when they are called to deal with a known criminal suspect.

Do you honestly have the right to shout “racism”, considering your experience?
>Would you, under any conditions be concerned about what color somebody was if they were potentially reaching for a firearm in their clothing or in their car?

>Or would you be thinking about getting home alive that night?

                 So would every officer, with absolutely no thought about the race of the suspect involved.

>Do you shout “Racism!” every time you see a shooting by white officers that harm black suspects?

>Do you ever even so much as handle a handgun more than once or twice a year?

>Have you trained with, and do you understand the deadly consequences of a criminal suspect’s access to a handgun?

>Is it ever you, with your life on the line, seeing the actions, refusals, gestures by a suspect that could potentially end you any second?

Or are you just there in front of your tv trying to get a good view of the video?

 When an officer’s trigger is pulled, and the shot is at a person of a different color, it is almost never racism.

Racism is not involved until somebody who is not on the scene names it.

The Results of Continuing The Racism Chant
Continue shouting “racism” every time this happens and racism will continue to proliferate. Because we are at a time in our country’s history where everybody is free to spread anything anywhere.

And that freedom includes people being able to photograph and video every event in every place, every day, 24 hours a day. We’ll see more of it, not because it is something that is indicative of police gone wild shooting black people.

But because that kind of video sells best for news hounds, and gets the most attention on YouTube. It’s the kind that we’ll keep seeing until people get the idea, and start saying, well, we’ll see when all the facts come out.

Instead of watching a video on tv, then shouting “racism” to keep the fires stoked.

Time to shut down the purveyors of video violence by letting the legal process take place and going about our business, both black and white.

The Reality Of The Way Most Of Us Live
If you want to exhibit nobility, just go about your life in your location living and working with people of any color without making it an issue. We can all see and all of us know we are different colored people. Nobility just means ignoring it and getting on with business and life.

In general we all do fine together, and can stay safe by just doing what is right.