Open Carry Demonstrations Damaging To Us All

Here is my commitment to my fellow gun owners across America:

  • I will present firearms ownership with steady and clear reasoning for self defense.
  • I will not hoard at the expense of all other gun owner in times of political threats to our rights.
  • I will vote and be politically active in using whatever voice I have to affect policy.
  • I will not commit acts that will negatively affect peoples’ ability to carry firearms.

Apparently, that last commitment is not shared by many Open Carry organizations across America. Collectively, they seem willing to cause any amount of public perception damage to make their point.

They do so blathering about their “rights” while disregarding the rights of people and businesses they affect by unwise presentation of their firearms. Actually unwise is too kind. Once or twice is unwise.

With ongoing damage being done it now can be reasonably classified as stupid and irresponsible.

Now that will no doubt bring the ire of anybody remotely interested in open carry because of the incessant desire to win their way. It’s not a matter of self defense. It’s a point that satisfies their egos while doing nothing to advance gun rights, in fact damaging that delicate factor significantly.

We have numerous states that allow openly carrying firearms. What we also have is groups in those states that apparently don’t have the good sense to know when and how to do that without harmful disturbances to people who otherwise wouldn’t think much about it.

So, what we now have is open carry sideshows that play well for liberal news outlets while disturbing businesses. And businesses are disturbed by market forces, in this case open carry demonstrators scaring and otherwise upsetting their customers.

One By One They Fall To Open Carry Demonstrators

Let’s see. At this writing Chipotle, Chilis, Jack in the Box, Starbucks, Texas Roadhouse, Sonic and more both local restaurants and corporate chains are banning firearms in their businesses.

Gun Appreciation Day

Gun Appreciation Day at Starbucks. Courtesy of open carry groups. The same Gun Appreciation Day that resulted in SB asking customers to keep guns out of their shops.

Why? These were once restaurants that stayed out of the mix and allowed people to do what state law allowed as far as carrying guns was concerned. But when what looks like a third world militia openly toting tactical shotguns, AR 15s, SKSs, AK 47s, and a plethora of handguns shows up at restaurants is it really any wonder that all changes?

It has and it is continuing as the Open Carry traveling circus continues to get guns banned at business after business.

And they’re doing it (demonstrating) in states where they already have the right to do it. They just don’t have the good sense not to do it under those conditions.

Here’s where they’ve lost it. Just because something is legal does not mean it’s always good sense to do it. The conditions that these groups are openly carrying guns in are a display of something that does not show good sense.


The businesses that used to support legal firearms carry in their locations that now are forbidding them.

All thanks to the open carry groups that feel really big and tough insisting on their “rights”. All while burying their ability and the ability of all the rest of us to carry even a concealed handgun into locations that used to welcome it.

No Exclusive Access To Rights

Here’s a reality. Nobody in America has exclusive access to the Constitution or the Bill Of Rights. That’s why I can carry a handgun, but I have to get permission to carry it in somebody else’s home. Somebody not allowing me to carry it into their home is not “taking away my 2nd Amendment rights.”

They are exercising their right of home ownership, not allowing me to carry in their house. I can like it or not, but because I have 2nd Amendment rights does not reduce their right to forbid it on their property.

Somebody better get a handle on the Open Carry demonstrations across the country. If not we will likely end up with most states allowing concealed carry, but few businesses that will allow it on their property.

It’s fine to say, “Well I just won’t spend my money there” which is fine. That’s a person’s right.

But that may become a problem when the majority of businesses forbid it because of the insistent display of Open Carry demonstrators.

With that stance, what are you gonna do when you don’t have any place left to do business? Or any of the rest of us who carry our guns concealed for that matter?

I guess if you are insistent on demonstrating Open Carry to your personal satisfaction, that will be your end game.

That’s in spite of the fact that it forces the worst on all the rest of us.