Obama’s Threat of Executive Action Nothing To Panic Over

To all my gun owning friends, don’t let the talk of “executive action” by the weakest president since Jimmy Carter throw you into a panic.

You are not losing your guns. Nobody is coming for them.

Ammo will be available as usual if gun owners don’t go into panic mode, turning on each other in a “get-mine-before-you” mode.

Use your influence to keep people calm and rational, understanding the arrogant idiocy of a president who cannot accomplish anything of merit.

Nothing is going to be significantly changed by Obama’s threats of executive action.

The newest gun control atrocity suggested by Obama is focusing narrowly on gun show sellers who sell from “private collections”.

He is suggesting executive action against them to force them to become classified as “dealers” if they sell a certain number of guns. Numbers and frequency are the issue.

His questionable authority with presidential executive action would mean little and would have little effect on us as gun owners. It doesn’t mean it would be without consequence.

But it is nothing to panic about.

It is something to write your U.S. congressman, U.S. senator, state governor about.

Take action.

Don’t incite or participate in needless panic.