NRA Offer And Plan To Protect Schools Is On The Table

From the NRA news conference which was actually an NRA commentary statement, the combative language of Wayne LaPierre was predictable. But when he got down to the meat of what the NRA will do, it looked pretty impressive.

And it’s going to be hard to pin it down with liberal ideology when it begins to play out.

The NRA, with a huge number of law enforcement trainers across the U.S., and an equally huge budget is offering a comprehensive nationwide plan. It is a plan of access prevention, building design, staff training, and armed security plans and training to any school district across the U.S. that wants it.

Retired and off-duty police officers and reserve military personnel were mentioned as primary choices for trained security for schools. Not teachers with guns.

He did not say that or present it as part of any plan.

That should be clear because the first liberal response was that LaPierre had said that the answer is for every teacher to carry a gun.  MSNBC talking heads began to immediately wet their pants and disparage everything. There was a recount of things that had not been said.

So the NRA plan includes comprehensive resourcing, training and funding. In other words, they’re willing to put their money where their mouth is. And they can do it “right now” in LaPierre’s words.

“Right now” is the key phrase. They’re ready to rock with solid protection for schools across America. The other stuff can be debated and fought out endlessly.

Right now is the time to stop shooters in their tracks.