Moral Authority Lacking For More Gun Control

It’s time to talk frankly about something that’s not mentioned much in the gun control discussion in 2013. Moral Authority.

All the sudden gun control debate is front and center because of the massive outpouring of emotion from the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School back in December 2012.

This is not about the right, the political influence, or the audience for discussing gun control. Instead it is about who has the moral authority to attempt to roll back the freedoms of millions of law abiding Americans. With this being a discussion about an attempt to produce some idealistic result of changing the behavior of mass shooters and other criminals who use guns, it is critical to answer the question below. 

Who has the moral authority to do this today?

In order to illustrate the intent of the video and this article, I’m using video clips of one of the loudest, most sarcastic liberal “mouths” available: MSNBC contributor Ms. Joy Reid.

Ms. Reid is an outspoken and largely mindless proponent of gun control. While Ms. Reid exhibits and uses a very impressive arsenal of words, any logical conclusion to her spoken thought is nonexistent.

People Who Have The Moral Authority To Talk About Gun Law

There is only one set of people in America, at this writing, that have the moral authority to address gun ownership and use. They are the people who are dealing with the issue of stopping murderous madmen at the point of their attack.

All other issues will be fought out forever. The immediate issue is the people who have guns who will walk into any location where people gather in numbers, and randomly shoot as many as possible. The people willing to immediately deal with that are the ones with the moral authority to deal with gun ownership in America today.

These are people who actually know something about guns and how they actually function. Ms. Reed continues to talk about 100 round “clips” (no such thing) and continues to make the gun issue about hunting. It’s not about hunting. It’s about protecting ourselves against monsters who try to kill us and our children. Deer don’t do that.

To all liberals: Stop being grossly stupid by mentioning “deer hunting” in this debate. I don’t hunt. Many people who own guns don’t hunt. Hunting does not determine our right to carry a weapon, what kind, or how many bullets we carry.

Ms. Reid and others are now criticizing every public figure who mentions allowing teachers to be armed in schools. She and her ilk use rank criticism and use words like insane, stupid, and fringe to describe armed security in schools. Just like in the video where you see Governor Rick Perry mentioning the proposal of arming teachers, you find that Americans are in favor of it.  They know what it will mean in stopping monsters like the Sandy Hook shooter.

However, reality is lost on liberals. They appear to have no ability to deal with it. Only to continue to insist on action that affects the rights of Americans without changing the basic issue of safety for people in places where they gather in numbers.

What liberals like Ms. Reid are furious about now is how people like Governor Rick Perry are being recognized as the ones with moral authority to deal with mass murderers. The worst part for them is it’s not by limiting the gun ownership of lawful citizens.

Liberals are now frantically spinning the issues being debated with gun rights advocates. The spinning amounts to nothing more than creating focused lies to make what is sensible sound as bad as possible to the general public.

Referring to armed security in schools, Joy Reid says that would amount to sending our kids to “armed camps.” That is a ridiculous assessment of what would make our schools safer and leave them looking very much like they do right now. Ms. Reid calls making our schools safer “insane”.

She makes the suggestion that those proposing school security are proposing teachers becoming law enforcement in school, gun lockers in classrooms, and putting guns where a child might get their hands on it. Truth: None of that is valid or being promoted. Ms. Reid is a spin-liar supreme.

The Reality Of Law Enforcement In America

LE officers have been contacting me continuously for the last six years through the Christian Gun Owner web site. None of them has ever contacted me proposing more gun control for law abiding citizens.

Officers from departments all over America are faced with a gripping reality. Their numbers and role does not allow them to be primarily “protectors”. It allows them to be primarily responders.

Over and over officers acknowledge that they arrive on the scene to witness the results of the carnage. They arrive too late to stop it. From that point on, they may be able to protect. But they know that until a crime is committed, they generally are out of site and some distance away when it is reported.

That means that dozens of people may be dead when police arrive on the scene of a mass shooting. That doesn’t mean police are doing anything wrong. They are truly willing to and do put their lives on the line.

That said, without people having a way to shoot back and defend themselves, more mass shootings will take place. More people will die in gun free zones. The idiotic ideology of Ms Reid will cost more and more lives. That’s what she wants to proliferate across America.

The Effect Of Not Having A Firearm When A Killer Strikes

Joy Reid says it’s an insult to police to say “any old person can pull out a gun and do what they do.”

What Ms Reid continues to fail to grasp is that when dozens of police showed up at Sandy Hook, it was just in time to see the 26 bodies dead on the floor. That has been the result of other well known mass shootings.

  • A killer
  • No guns to shoot back
  • No police present
  • Dead victims piled up

A person with enough training to simply pull their gun, point and shoot, has a much better chance of saving multiple lives than being without any means of protection. In the absence of police there is not a better option.

Ms Reid and her cohorts believe people should just go ahead and die rather than arm themselves. No moral authority to even talk about gun control.

Americans are not “overwhelmingly for” this nonsense propagated by Joy Reid and the other parrots who still can’t get the difference between a clip and a magazine or a killer and a deer.

The Question No Gun Control Advocate Should Be Able To Avoid

Ask this before going into any discussion about gun control: If you, your children, wife, husband, parents, friends were in any location and somebody started shooting, would you rather be in a room with people crawling under furniture, or would you rather have somebody that could shoot back?


Anybody who will not answer that question affirming their desire to defend them and their families, are either insanely ideological or just out of their mind.

We must deal immediately and decisively in allowing and assisting people in places where people gather in numbers to arm themselves to stop attackers at the point of attack. Anybody not willing to do that has no moral authority in the gun control debate.

Those not willing to deal immediately with that are nothing but people who assist madmen in knowing where and how to pile up the dead bodies of innocent victims.

Ceding our rights to liberal politicians will not solve the problem and will simply continue the rank intrusion into more and more freedoms.

Stopping madmen at the point of their attack is the only issue to pursue right this minute, before more people die. Refusing to do that makes all other discussion irrelevant.