Time To Lower The Victim Body Count By Broadening Our Focus

Beverly CarterThursday, September 25th, this central Arkansas realtor, Beverly Carter, went to show a house in Scott to a prospective buyer.

Tuesday, September 30th, her body was found in a shallow grave 20 miles from Central Little Rock.

The point of this article is not to go over the whole incident. That is being done on hundreds of sites as this is being written.

Here, this incident is to emphasize the undeniable fact that we all pass monsters every day in public places. They are all around us like lottery numbers that are waiting for us to draw them.

The difference is, the chance of encountering a murderous monster are much greater than winning a lottery.

Routinely Doing Your Job Can Mean Your Murder

This wife, mother, grandmother, realtor, who was doing nothing but her job, drew her number when she went to meet somebody she thought was interested in a property. He was interested in kidnapping and murdering her.Aaron Lewis

Meet her abductor, Aaron Lewis. When asked why he chose her his response was, “She was a woman that worked alone — a rich broker.”

That’s all it took for him to make a decision to abduct and murder her.

Sad that Lewis wasn’t killed on the spot.

Christians Suffer The Same

If you’re a Christian reading this, pay special attention. This happens to people of faith too. Being in denial, being indignant at the notion that Christians should be ready to defend themselves is the height of foolishness.

Forget politicians and laws. How do we lower the victim count now? It’s obviously up to us. Or you can wait until it happens to you with nobody to help you.

How do we bypass the politicians, police who arrive in time for the body count, laws that enable criminals to kill with impunity, laws that disarm innocent citizens?

The important point now is for every responsible person to be ready to defend themselves from these monsters.

One kind of weapon is not enough.

That means being ready with guns, knives, batons, sprays, Tasers and whatever else is practical to defend ourselves with. Of course, police will arrest peaceful people carrying any of these self defense items. That while showing up at murder scenes at a point that allows them to count and examine the bodies.

So now we’re at a point where we have to balance the consequences of breaking the law or being the victim of a murderous criminal that will kill us with whatever they have available.

And here’s a news flash: A gun is not always what will keep us from being a victim. We don’t always have access to our gun. We don’t always expect a coming assault. Sometimes the criminal is so close when he attacks, we don’t have time to get to a gun.

A Comprehensive View Of Self Defense

Learning to use our hands, feet, elbows and knees to efficiently slow down or disable an attacker can at least give us time to use other methods to end their assault.

If we can hold him back for a couple of seconds, we may be able to access a one handed folding knife. We may be able to access some pepper spray or a stun gun or an ice pick ….. whatever we have on us for close quarters defense.

Here are a few things I own and have in my home.

Multiple Weapons

Yeah, that’s a fondue fork in the mix. That is easily carried and would have slipped cleanly into sub-human Lewis’s throat or eye socket, possibly preventing a murder.

All of those things are typically against the law for us to carry, even if we have a permit to carry a handgun. That’s no longer enough.

Ironic that the only weapon legal to carry is the one that can shoot somebody three blocks down the street.

Time to broaden our political focus from just guns to all the other practical defensive weapons that any lawful citizen should be able to own and carry. That means the political focus needs to be considerably broadened to include possession of multiple types of weapons for self defense.

This shouldn’t be too complicated to figure out.

You and I don’t want to die at the hands of a monster like the one that killed Beverly Carter. We should be able to arm ourselves with commonly available weapons, besides guns, that could save our lives.

Time to keep the pressure on politicians to keep releasing our gun rights.

But added to that needs to be intense political pressure to allow multiple types of weapon possession under the banner of a “Concealed Carry Permit”.

All it amounts to is saving our lives.

In the meantime we have a decision to make. And every adult who sees and hears about Beverly Carter should intensely evaluate their ability to defend themselves and their means to do so.

The first challenge is to just start thinking about it. That’s a small effort to prevent being mercilessly murdered.