Invoking The Second Amendment Has Little Effect On Our Gun Rights

Being a parrot seldom results in lasting influence however far our social reach may extend. In other words, repeating the same thing over and over again without adding anything significantly different than the other millions that said it, generally means it falls on disinterested ears.

Such is the endless invocation of the “Second Amendment”. Continually referring to our Second Amendment rights no longer has more than a passing effect on people who hear it. Except for the people who write or say it.

Liberals Have Learned To Use The Second Amendment

Why? Even liberals use it now like they approve of it. One of the more common phrases among the sewer of liberal politics goes something like this: “We want to protect your Second Amendment rights, but have to use common sense in not allowing these weapons in the wrong hands.”

Translated in liberal-speak that means, “We don’t give a farmer’s fertilizer for the Second Amendment. We just want to sound noble to anybody who may not know the difference while we disarm every American.”

The endless debate over the meaning of the Second Amendment has gone on for decades and is not going to end anytime in this age. Consequently, with liberal use of the phrase now it means almost nothing to indignantly invoke it when our gun rights are directly threatened.

None of this means that the court cases, Supreme Court decision concerning the Second Amendment are not important. They are. But, predictably they have been used so vigorously by gun rights proponents including the NRA that they have begun to now be used against us.

State and local courts have been put in the position to decide not if Americans have the right to own guns, but how much states and localities can regulate them.

In some cases those haven’t been pretty decisions.

The Second Amendment Is Only The Foundation

Here’s the bottom line on the Second Amendment. It exists and at this point doesn’t do much to further our gun rights past its basic premise of gun ownership.

We live in a political nation where virtually everything is worked out in political battles. The results of those battles hinge on how much of a disinterested public’s interest can be pulled into the debates and who can make the case most effectively to that public.

Once that disengaged public is engaged, decisions are made in congress based on what will most likely keep the politicians in office.

Our most influential course of action is to continue to force liberals to publicly follow their own thoughts and political positions to a reasonable conclusion. When they have to do that, we win.

Case In Point – No New Gun Laws

In the political upheaval just prior to and during the first months of Barack Obama’s second term, once again, our gun rights were seriously threatened across the nation.

In all the political battles how many new laws were passed that inhibited gun rights?


And that had nothing to do with anybody invoking the Second Amendment to the general public. What was effectively impressed on that much needed general public was “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.”

Liberals used that far too much trying to make it look insane, ridiculous, dangerous, etc. They played it and sounded it from the rooftops far and near.

Problem with their tactic is the statement is true. And the NRA, political operatives, politicians, and lots of grass roots organizations made that point.

The public got it and no further threats to our rights were passed. None of that had anything to do with invoking the Second Amendment as far as the general, non-interested public was concerned.

They had to have a personal reason not to allow further gun laws. That personal reason was they don’t want criminals to have carte blanche to them and their families while keeping law abiding citizens from having the tools to defend themselves.

When the general public decides and lets politicians know what will keep their jobs, that’s what we get.

In all of our circles of influence, let’s make sure the general public gets it with a personal reason to keep our rights.

That won’t happen just quoting the Second Amendment over and over.