Identifying Illegal Immigration Is Not Racism

Neither is decisively dealing with it.

I was astounded at a report I just read in U.S. News and World Report. It declared the large amount of tax dollars “undocumented”, in effect illegal, immigrants contribute to the economy each year.

Other similar reports are rife with sarcastic commentary about Donald Trump’s plan to secure the border and deport immigrants known to have committed certain crimes.

Here’s what shows the gross dishonesty, or possibly ignorance of the reporters that publish this asinine tripe.

Aside from sales tax, any illegal immigrant “contributing” to state or federal tax coffers through their employment tax distributions are doing it with what?

You have to have a Social Security number to pay state and federal taxes. And you see, undocumented, illegal aliens don’t have Social Security cards, and can’t get one legally.

Oh, the reports of many of them paying taxes are accurate.

Problem is, they’re paying it with stolen Social Security numbers. That’s right, and one of them could be yours.

And since we know they are paying taxes in the multiple millions of dollars every year, that makes for quite a few Social Security numbers that are stolen and now being used by one or more criminal alien.

You might want to check on yours when you get through reading this.

Yeah, some illegal alien in California can use the Social Security number of somebody in Kentucky to get a job, open financial accounts,  pay their state and federal taxes.

And it can continue for years without the guy in Kentucky ever knowing anything about it.

Stating Facts Is Not Racist

So, just so we understand the real rhetoric of Trump when he stated that many criminals were being sent to us illegally by Mexico, he was correct. And he was in no way racist in stating it.

But to be clear, for those who aren’t rapists, robbers, and murderers, every one who enters the country illegally is a criminal.

They are entering our country illegally. They are taking resources and jobs that should be reserved for our citizens. They are paying taxes with stolen Social Security numbers.

So, I’ll say it more vigorously than Trump did.

Every Mexican entering our borders illegally is a criminal. Everything they do from the point they step across the border is illegal because they are here illegally.

So 100% of the ones who enter the U.S. illegally are criminals. Period.

So, am I a racist?

My daughter is Mexican. She is a different color than me. She was born in the U.S.  She is not a criminal for being here. She is a productive U.S. citizen.

We have numerous great friends from Latin American countries. They immigrated to the U.S. legally. They worked through the process. They became citizens. They obey the law, work, contribute to their city, state, country, pay taxes. They are legal citizens of the U.S.

Fellow Americans.

Our church sends many thousands of dollars and sends multiple missions teams into Latin American countries every year. They’re there to help, build, feed, do whatever they can to improve the lives of citizens of those countries. And they tell them the good news of the Gospel of Christ.

It never was racism with Trump or anybody else.

It is not about a race of people. It is about people from a specific country that are invading our borders illegally and doing tremendous harm to the U.S. from both a criminal and financial perspective.

It’s time to stop them from coming in illegally. It’s time to send back the worst criminal offenders.

And it’s time for the rest to go through the process of becoming U.S. citizens or legal non citizen residents.

That’s the legal way.

That’s all it’s ever been about.