Here Are The Exact Answers Needed To Immediately Stop Mass Shootings

Let’s put a little brain power, instead of raw emotion into this issue of mass shootings.

First, is to bring it down to raw simplicity. Two factors were involved.

1. A gunman broke through glass to get into a school. He went in and shot 26 people.
2. There was nobody present that could stop him.

Deal with those two

Why he did it is irrelevant. The incessant question is a distraction from the real issues to stop this.

The usual discussions have immediately ensued while the bodies are still being sorted out. Discussions about society, gun laws, spiritual matters, and all the usual cliches that get thrown in the air every time this happens.

Then it will all wear off and we’ll forget it for a few weeks …… until it happens again. Nausea should grip anybody who can follow a clear line of reasoning to a logical conclusion.

All the stuff mentioned above is fine as far as discussion and procedure. All of it will take time to change and effectively implement, whatever direction is taken.

Problem: We’re years away from any solution to this if there is a solution at all. There are somewhere between 250,000,000 and 300,000,000 guns in circulation in the U.S. Those guns are in the hands of multiple millions of owners.

Reality Check: A hundred thousand gun owners did not converge on that school and kill people. A thousand gun owners did not do it. No, not a hundred, fifty or ten.

One gutless, evil madman walked in with multiple weapons and did all the shooting. Just like usual. One man.

If he had died at the door everybody else would still be alive.

Here are the immediate and absolute solutions to this atrocity committed by madmen with guns.

  • If you have a business where people gather in numbers, be armed, and have armed people ready to answer, stop, and if necessary kill somebody threatening to shoot people.
  • If you own or are responsible for a large business, shopping center, mall, stadium, be sure you have armed, trained security at every point where somebody may enter with the intent to kill people.
  • If you are responsible for any business, organization, church or other place in states where concealed carry is legal, don’t put up a ridiculous no-guns sign. It will only keep out the guns of people who are not there to hurt anybody. Allow people to shoot back if necessary.
  • Unrelentingly press legislators to allow concealed carry in their states or districts.
  • Unrelentingly require armed security and/or allow armed, trained teachers to be available to protect elementary and primary schools.

In case I missed any scenarios above, read: Armed, trained security, civilian or professional.

Somebody prepared to shoot back and take out a murderer before they have the chance to murder.

That is not to negate all other discussion. It is not to prevent any change.

It is the immediate and effective way to prevent mass murderers from murdering.

So, why did I write this?

Because I’m heart-broken over the children that were lost in this and other mindless killings.  Because I know the only viable answer to what would have saved them and what will save others.

Trained, prepared, armed security, professional or civilian.

Kill the killer. Before he takes a life.