Gun Owners: Don’t Create A Shortage Crisis Again

Here we go again. People lined up at gun stores to buy guns and ammo they don’t need and wouldn’t buy if Mitt Romney had been elected.

In 2008, it was not President Obama or a full Democrat congress that created an extended nationwide gun and ammo shortage.

It was the fear and frantic inconsideration of gun owners that hoarded to the point where people just wanting their normal shooting supplies were out of luck.

That’s where we may be headed again.

News reports from Wednesday immediately reported highly ramped up gun and ammo sales in stores across the U.S.

For the last 4 years, the President and congress have been tiptoeing around gun issues. They’ve tried their best to ignore them. They’ve done what they can to appease and not anger gun owners.

President Obama doesn’t have to get elected again.

Gun issues will still be a scary subject for U.S. politicians.

The members of the U.S. House and Senate do have to get reelected.  And they have no reason to do anything differently than they’ve done the last 4 years. Nothing.

They still have to preserve their jobs.

And with the roll they are on politically right now, they would be insane to stir up gun rights anger. They all know they have to face the loss of their jobs again in two years.

The reality of your effect as a gun owner.


I said this four years ago and I’ll say it again.

  • If you hoard guns and ammo because of the election, resulting in another shortage, you’re just part of the Obama team.
  •  If your brothers in arms across the U.S. can’t get a normal supply of shooting supplies or buy their kid their first rifle, gun hoarders are the problem, not President Obama. Not congress.
  • Frantic stockpiling portrays lack of confidence and fear
  • Frantic hoarding without concern for other gun owners puts us in the column of third world countries where people fight over food, water, supplies ……

Here’s what we can responsibly and effectively do:

  • Let’s see if we can just keep our heads and appear to have confidence and courage.
  • Let’s not act like children seeing what we can get before anybody else gets it.
  • Let’s look at the reality of the political process, understanding that we’ll see huge fights in congress over new, oppressive gun laws.
  • Let’s calmly assess the fact that we’ll hear about these issues before they hit congress for debate and voting.

Nobody needs to hoard anything to get what they normally need to shoot, hunt, carry their handgun, etc.

This is not to disregard diligence and involvement in the political process. We all still have the responsibility to stay informed, involved in gun rights issues and events.

Supporting organizations like the NRA and Gun Owners of America that stay on the front lines and keep us informed is critical.

But hoarding and creating a mass shortage is unconscionable.

Let’s get what we need with the understanding that there’s somebody in line behind us that needs shooting supplies too.

Let’s be something better than what we’re fighting against.


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