Gun Owners: Don’t Create A Shortage Crisis Again

Here we go again. People lined up at gun stores to buy guns and ammo they don’t need and wouldn’t buy if Mitt Romney had been elected.

In 2008, it was not President Obama or a full Democrat congress that created an extended nationwide gun and ammo shortage.

It was the fear and frantic inconsideration of gun owners that hoarded to the point where people just wanting their normal shooting supplies were out of luck.

That’s where we may be headed again.

News reports from Wednesday immediately reported highly ramped up gun and ammo sales in stores across the U.S.

For the last 4 years, the President and congress have been tiptoeing around gun issues. They’ve tried their best to ignore them. They’ve done what they can to appease and not anger gun owners.

President Obama doesn’t have to get elected again.

Gun issues will still be a scary subject for U.S. politicians.

The members of the U.S. House and Senate do have to get reelected.  And they have no reason to do anything differently than they’ve done the last 4 years. Nothing.

They still have to preserve their jobs.

And with the roll they are on politically right now, they would be insane to stir up gun rights anger. They all know they have to face the loss of their jobs again in two years.

The reality of your effect as a gun owner.


I said this four years ago and I’ll say it again.

  • If you hoard guns and ammo because of the election, resulting in another shortage, you’re just part of the Obama team.
  •  If your brothers in arms across the U.S. can’t get a normal supply of shooting supplies or buy their kid their first rifle, gun hoarders are the problem, not President Obama. Not congress.
  • Frantic stockpiling portrays lack of confidence and fear
  • Frantic hoarding without concern for other gun owners puts us in the column of third world countries where people fight over food, water, supplies ……

Here’s what we can responsibly and effectively do:

  • Let’s see if we can just keep our heads and appear to have confidence and courage.
  • Let’s not act like children seeing what we can get before anybody else gets it.
  • Let’s look at the reality of the political process, understanding that we’ll see huge fights in congress over new, oppressive gun laws.
  • Let’s calmly assess the fact that we’ll hear about these issues before they hit congress for debate and voting.

Nobody needs to hoard anything to get what they normally need to shoot, hunt, carry their handgun, etc.

This is not to disregard diligence and involvement in the political process. We all still have the responsibility to stay informed, involved in gun rights issues and events.

Supporting organizations like the NRA and Gun Owners of America that stay on the front lines and keep us informed is critical.

But hoarding and creating a mass shortage is unconscionable.

Let’s get what we need with the understanding that there’s somebody in line behind us that needs shooting supplies too.

Let’s be something better than what we’re fighting against.


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  1. Rick Olson says:


    I disagree wholly with your premise. You state, “People lined up at gun stores to buy guns and ammo they don’t need and wouldn’t buy if Mitt Romney had been elected.” That is a “guess” at best…conjecture. There have been ammunition shortages in the past. Not of this magnitude, but the fact is there have been. Many have been driven by shortages of production materials.

    On another point your inconsistent…First, you state, “If your brothers in arms across the U.S. can’t get a normal supply of shooting supplies or buy their kid their first rifle, gun hoarders are the problem, not President Obama. Not congress.” But then you state, “Frantic hoarding without concern for other gun owners puts us in the column of third world countries where people fight over food, water, supplies ……

    The first point would suggest that market forces are interfering with a “hobby” target shooting….on the other hand the frantic hoarding comment implies that guns rate on the survival scale with food water and supplies…Which is it?

    Finally, you write, “If you hoard guns and ammo because of the election, resulting in another shortage, you’re just part of the Obama team.” I can confidently tell you that I could not find one person within my sphere of influence as a Gun writer and journalist, who would come close to agreement with that statement. In the inverse, My colleagues over at Breitbart and me assert that the shortage is the result and product of the Obama Administration and the éminence grise working to affect the commerce stream because the ability to pass new gun regulations is waning fast.

    It is far easier for this administration to affect the chain of commerce, than it is to make newer restrictive gun laws. Moreover, a correction can come in the form of retooling to meet the demands, but that is throttled back by business being affected by the unknowns of Obamacare and its net effect. Food for thought.

    • Mark Rogers says:

      You appear to be thinking up far reaching answers just to be able to disagree with me.

      There was no ammunition shortage before the election. It progressed from the time just after the election until now and continues. It is now a combination of the presidency and the gun control frenzy in congress. The response by ammo hoarders in particular is grossly inconsiderate at best, and cowardly at worst. It happened almost exactly in step with the same kind of shortage following the 2008 election. It is predictable in every case where a liberal is elected to the presidency.

      I don’t know if social scientists have to find some way of making meaningless comparisons, but the statement about hoarding related to both market forces and cause which is hoarding. Hoarding was the subject of the article. The comparison to third world countries was not a comparison to the elements involved. It was obviously to make a point about the attitude and actions of ammo hoarders. Anybody that can’t figure that out probably needs to refer to themselves as something other than a “journalist”.

      While I agree that there is more than one factor playing into the ammo shortage, the result of all of them is hoarding which leads directly to the shortage. As to the accuracy of that, your “colleagues over at Breitbart” and you asserting anything is irrelevant.

      I have made a factual observation about gun, and particularly ammo hoarders. That is not intended to cover everything on earth that can relate to ammo costs, political effects on the commerce stream, or any type of subversive action to control any of that. It is to warn hoarders about their effect on every other gun owner in America.

      You’ve taken this “disagreement” all the way to the “unknowns of Obamacare”. But my article was not about Obamacare. It was about the cowardice and effects of hoarding. Get it?

      The ones who disagree with that are always people who advocate and/or cause hoarding and refuse the notion that they could be at fault for anything.

  2. Abe Block says:

    I have made three trips in the last few years to add to my ammo and keep up with my practice needs. Could not find a caliber I needed. At one store the clerk went back and checked and said “we haven`t seen any of that caliber for quite a while.” The caliber was a common type that is used in millions of firearms. I did not want to argue with this guy, so I left. If the store has not seen that caliber for quite a while, I would say the companies that produce it are probably busy filling govt. contracts. I have not bought ammo in three years and when I buy, I hope no one thinks I am a hoarder. These trips were to three different stores, not just one or two. It looks like the administration has done what it set out to do.

    • Mark Rogers says:

      When the ammo panic of 2012-13 hit, ammo disappeared from shelves across the country. Every pro gun organization and spokesperson blamed the government for “buying up” all the ammo. Those organizations included the NRA. But the NRA did an in depth investigation last year, compiling all the facts and figures available including from ammo manufacturers.

      The clear conclusion was that the government purchases were not particularly dramatic as compared to their historic purchases. The primary factor that caused manufacturers to lose the capacity to keep up was consumer demand. Hoarding. Not people getting what they would need to actually use for a few months. People scooping up every ounce of ammo they could before somebody else got it.

      It happened with Clinton. It happened with Obama in 2008. It happened in 2012 with the combination of political war over gun control and the second election of Obama.

      It’s not just coincidence and government buyouts that cause all ammo to disappear during elections and political threats. It is hoarding by scared gun owners not caring who gets what as long as they get theirs. And we are still suffering ammo shortages and exorbitant prices from the panic of two years ago.

      • Mark Rogers says:

        Just to clarify, there’s no doubt the current administration along with every liberal in Congress, if they could, would disarm every American and remove every bit of ammo from them permanently. But their intent would be to do that by regulation and control.

        The unintended consequence of every effort to do that for the last 20 years is millions of guns placed in the hands and homes of new gun owners, more guns in the hands of existing gun owners, and masses of ammo in the hands of consumers.

        That’s the bright side to the whole mess.

  3. Abe Block says:

    With due respect as I am an NRA member, I think the NRA should reevaluate their investigation. I have been to gun dealers and do not see people loading up on ammo personally, but there could be a chance that combined with the govt.s incredible ordering of hundreds of millions of rounds and possibly an increase in retail sales, even though it may not be as huge as some say, this could cause a shortage. I feel the manufacturer is not sending ammo to the dealers. Why is the question I cannot understand. Do not get me wrong please, I enjoy your site which is very informative and I share the ideals and ideas that you present. Good luck.

    • Mark Rogers says:

      There’s no doubt there is a combination of factors that apply through times of political panic. But during calmer times, on a week to week, month to month basis, manufacturers produce for consumers what they demand and supply the retail stores accordingly. No problems. We all have what we need and nobody complains.

      When panic ensues, the government doesn’t suddenly order more. Panicked consumers do.

      Dedicated gun dealers keep small stocks that are quickly extinguished. Where masses of ammo are purchased, where people line up in parking lots before opening is the Academy Sports, Bass Pro Shops, Cabelas, Wal Marts and other major retailers. The amount of ammo sold through dedicated gun dealers pales in comparison to the mass of ammo sold to consumers every year from these huge retailers.

      This is not guesswork and ammo shortages that happen exactly when political panic takes place is not because of government orders. It is from consumer demand that through fear is ramped up so dramatically it can’t be accommodated. The existing ammo disappears overnight from stores and the sudden and dramatic consumer demand keeps every store from the U.S. from having any on the shelves, usually for months after panic subsides.

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