George Will Should Leave More Than Just The Republican Party

Hmmmm…. George Will is quitting the Republican Party over Donald Trump. Says Republicans would be better off with Hillary Clinton as president.

He said, “This is not my party.”

He’s correct. The party that is his party is the one who has been complicit in getting America to the woeful place it is now. Economically, internationally, morally, in illegal immigration.

A Real Solution For George Will’s Discontent Over The Trump Nomination

I have a proposal since Trump’s likely nomination is because of his unprecedented support by Americans in the Republican primary. That means because Americans voted for him to be their Republican candidate for president.

So, that being the case, I’d like to propose that instead of just leaving the Republican party like a spoiled child, that George Will leaves the U.S.

After all, that’s the bunch that are really responsible for the Trump nomination. That’s a whole lot of people who are not members of either party, but took time to vote for Trump because they’re sick of the conduct and results of the Republican party.

That would include George Will who is just another media talking head we could all do without in that venue too.

Party Republicans are incessantly shouting terms like “bigoted, isolationist, fear mongering, racist” among others about Trump.

None are accurate.

Reality Of The Trump Proposals About Current Immigration

No proposal about Muslim immigration or Mexican illegal immigration has been “racist”.

It has been based on the reality of the horrendous danger of both of these groups crossing our boarders en masse.

If we don’t stop illegal immigration from Mexico it will continue to degrade our economy and increase the drug trade from that country which has been lucrative to the cartels. It is also a clear open door to terrorist recruits who need easy access to the U.S.

Letting Muslim refugees enter our boarders in large numbers is inevitably letting in and giving sanctuary to many who we cannot immediately recognize as enemies of our nation, intent on destruction and mass murder.

Republicans would do well with a dose of reality.

Republicans continuing to pout and quit should at least invoke a valid reason other than Trump proposals that are absolutely necessary to pull America back from the precipice of destruction.

A precipice of destruction largely contributed to by the Republican party that doesn’t want to lose the reigns of their ability to continue to be the source of U.S. failure.