Faithless Electors – Political Sewage In The Electoral College

Yeah, lots of people opposed to Donald Trump being elected president are calling on Electoral College electors to refuse to cast their vote for Trump.

That would make those electors “faithless electors”.

Here’s the problem with that little proposition. It makes those electors the sewage of our Constitutional system of national presidential elections.

The Electoral College is not an invention of modern times.

It was put in place by the framers of our constitution to keep the balance of power in the hands of a majority of states. Not just in the hands of dense population centers.

The Electors for either major party in all states are committed and trusted to cast their votes for the candidate of their party should the majority of the citizens of the state vote for that candidate.

Republican for Republican. Democrat for Democrat.

Let me tell you how I perceive this, and how important it is to me and should be to all Americans.

If Hillary Clinton (who I loathe) had won the majority of Electoral College votes, and any Democratic elector in any state would have refused to vote for her, I would still be writing this.

To be clear “Electors” are committed and trusted to carry out our constitutional process of electing a president. It is an honor beyond description.

For any elector to break their commitment does not make them brave, noble, courageous.

It makes them political sewage.


There is no lower place in American politics than an Electoral College elector, of either party, that refuses to keep their commitment.

Except people who get on Facebook and other public forums to encourage them to do it.

Yeah they may be even worse.