Ending Liberal Control Of The Presidency Does Not Require Hysteria

The general public has to get involved with removing any politician or party from power. For the general public to get involved, the people most influential in their presentation of why a person or party should be out of power are the ones who win in the political process.

To be clear, in the last election, Liberals did not “win” the United States. The voting public returned the presidency to an incumbent president and returned the House to Republicans. They returned America to a “divided” government as far as party. This is the most common scenario.

Case in point, for all the “gun control” hysteria, the bills that are being agreed on have to do with mental health, gun trafficking, and other highly agreeable subjects. The ones that are not likely to pass have to do with extended background checks, ban on certain types of firearms, and bans on magazines with over 10 round capacities. That’s all the issues gun owners are acting like scared children about.

Fact is, gun owners have simply responded with the political process and moved the discussion where it needs to be. Off guns and on the issue of criminals and the insane.

What will change the political scenario in America? Not bizarre hysteria.
For the presidency to return to a conservative in the next election, it will not happen by conservatives standing around in frantic circles screaming “civil war, impeach the president, America is dying, ad nauseum”.  It will happen by just what has been occurring for the last few days.

Conservatives in congress had the guts to hold out and expose the president as a liar about the sequestration. Rand Paul, in an extraordinary act of patriotism and determination, cast a glaringly hot light on the President’s notion that Americans can be targeted for death if they are suspected of terrorism on our soil. That’s without due process.

Foul is foul no matter how much perfume you put on it. Show Obama for what he is.

This president, being put in a position to defend his odious attitude toward America will ultimately end up in disgrace simply because of what he is. A political animal that believes that the American form of life and government is flawed compared to nations that attempt to “equalize” the population through government control.

That’s not the way it works here. Keep this front and center. That influence will continue to expose this president, not by looking like we’re all scared to death of him. It will expose him by his own odious action and seriously reduce the chance of a liberal congress in 2014 or president in 2016.