Christians Trashing Christians For Voting Trump

I share many of the same values that Christians voting for Ted Cruz have.
I share many of the same values that Christians voting for Marco Rubio have.

And yeah, I share many of the same values that Christians voting for Donald Trump have.

After extended and comprehensive consideration, I voted for my choice about two weeks before Super Tuesday. In spite of my choice, I’m not mad at any Christian for choosing somebody different.

Sickening Public Forum Libel

I’ve watched all I can watch today logging on to Facebook. Christians who without any forethought, in front of the whole world, utterly trashing their brothers and sisters in Christ for voting for somebody they don’t approve of in a Republican primary.

That crosses over all the front runners, but especially aimed at those who voted for Trump.

Maybe there’s an actual, well thought out reason they voted for Trump.

Here’s a consideration. A Christian looks at the viable senatorial candidates. This person considers that the congress, senate, and presidents for the last 25 years have brought the U.S. to where it is today. Which is deplorable.

They realize, that as attractive as those senatorial candidates for president may sound, they have been part of the Republican majority that for the last few years have done nothing to stop the rapid decline.

Then they look at Trump. Caustic, disturbingly aggressive, inappropriate in almost every speaking engagement saying “Let’s make America great again.”

Can he do it as president? Nobody knows.

But that Christian examining the field knows the record of nothingness of the senatorial candidates. Regardless of whatever verbal position they’ve taken, they have demonstrated nothing to stop the decline. “Conservative” politicians have done nothing to stop illegal immigration for 30 years.

So, they dig into their conscience and consider Trump.

High degree of business experience, trade knowledge, business/job creation experience, with a big push for dealing with illegal immigration. However he may act on the campaign trail, he has what it takes to get it done if he means it.

They painfully vote for Trump.

Then the fallout from the most disgraceful Christians

On Facebook Christians voting for anybody else call those voting for Trump stupid, idiots, disgraceful, sick. They disparage their character and their faith in Christ.

Because those people they disparage genuinely voted their conscience.

Here’s the reality. Trump is wiping out our other candidates across the country. A large part of that is because evangelical Christians are voting for him. Not because they are not real Christians. Not because they are sick, idiots, stupid, etc.

But because in spite of his glaring personality faults, they are intelligent enough to examine the whole field and make a choice between proven failure and possible success.

Trashing Trump or any other Republican candidate in general is not an act of righteousness. It will not increase the path to heaven or provide any reward other than to liberal Democrats loving this whole internal implosion.

And if you disparage your brothers and sisters in Christ, including questioning their faith for making what they have thoughtfully chosen in their vote for Trump, your words are nothing but something most of us would put down our garbage disposals.

Trump is winning.

He’s winning because of the demonstrated dishonesty, lack of integrity, lack of ability, bowing to contributors, backroom deals of the two branches of government the candidates running against him have been part of.

How bad that has been is illustrated in the fact that people are ignoring the glaring negatives of Trump taking a chance on something better than what has been a proven mass failure of our government officials.

The Christians who are voting for Trump are doing so thoughtfully, and with heavy understanding.

They are real Christians; believers in Christ Jesus. That’s what makes them Christians. Not your political approval.

And by the way. They’re winning. You know, considering all the above, they may collectively be smarter than the people trashing them.

Endorse your favorite candidate. Endorse them solely on their virtues; not on comparisons to Trump or any other candidate. And if you haven’t already, vote.

Then get ready to rally for November to avoid the real disaster in the making.

One final word. For anybody online, including Facebook, presenting themselves as prophets, that designation is self appointed. Any “word from God” you get will have to have something besides you saying so for anybody sane to believe it.

Keep up the attacks on your Christian counterparts and you’ll find yourselves crossing spiritual swords publicly in ways that won’t end up making you or your family proud.