Christians In The Line Of Fire

As you complain about what Obama is or is not calling the shootings in California, are you prepared or actively preparing to defend yourself and your family in case a similar event takes place someplace where you may go?

Do you keep so much as a handgun with you to defend yourself and your loved ones?

People of faith are dying right along with everybody else when mass shooters of any stripe decide to take aim. That can be specifically in places of collective worship such as churches or other Christian meeting places/events.

Or it can be in any school, college, shopping center, restaurant, movie theater, wherever.

People die. Christians included. Christians who are the real deal, who pray, serve, prove what they are day after day, week after week.

They are nothing but part of the body count to murderers. Sometimes they are the preferred part of the body count according to what the murderous freak’s mindset and intention is.

Action Instead of Despair

That’s why Christians need to stop wringing their hands, stop quoting scriptures, stop holding hands and lighting candles.

Burying our head in the sand acting like it can never happen to us is a whimsical departure from reality.

It’s time for us to lift up our heads from prayer long enough to actually do something to protect ourselves and others. We live on the same planet the rest of the world. Legally protecting ourselves from random criminal assault is simply participating in civil law and order.

Not something that is prohibited Biblically.

It’s why Christians must arm themselves right along with every other citizen who doesn’t want to fall victim to the next incoherent, mindless shooting.

If I can arm myself discreetly and legally, providing possible protection from an active shooter, and I don’t, who shares in the blame when I, my family members, others nearby fall to bullets?

When just by simply being ready, I might have saved all our lives?

What’s my focus at the moment? Gun control fights? Political battles?

No, getting people who understand what being armed means and the importance of it to quit thinking about it, talking about it, and actually getting them to DO IT!

Stop letting every issue under the sun keep you from acquiring and learning to competently use self defense firearms.

Firearms that may be used to save you and/or your family and friends.

To keep talking about all the issues surrounding gun ownership, keep fretting over what it means, keep spiritualizing the outcome, is to put off what might be necessary to save you or your wife or your kids or your friends or …….

Don’t act like a fragile child that ignores what’s going on all around them trying to deny reality. The world we live in may take your life while you waste time pondering it.

For the most part, we have the tools we need to defend ourselves in America. Are you taking advantage of it?

Whether it’s from an individual maniacal, insane shooter, or now terrorists, it’s here with us and can show up anywhere. With terrorists showing up in our country, and being raised and trained right here, we aint seen nothin’ yet.

Businesses, churches, organizations that invite people to gather in numbers better be ready to provide sufficient armed security. That takes study, work, time, and money.

But at this point it is irresponsible and unconscionable to not do so.

Individuals and families, get ready to defend yourselves now. Or just sit watching the news for the next shooting and body count, praying it doesn’t include you and yours.