Christian Gun Owners: You Found Out You’re Not Alone

Christian Gun Owner CrowdFrom the time I opened the Christian Gun Owner web site, a multitude of people have written to me and to my amazement told me how “alone” they felt as gun owners. That really made me wonder about the first few until they just kept coming.

But kept coming they did. It appears that even in great gun friendly states many Christians feel alienated by their ownership and enjoyment of guns. I’ve had quite a few write to me and ask that I not print it anywhere else because they were afraid somebody in their church or on their job would find out.

But it turns out none of you were alone. There are MILLIONS of responsible, God loving, law abiding Christians that own guns, shoot them for fun, hunt and …… yes, carry them concealed for protection. How about that?

Christians protecting themselves?! Yeah. Nowhere in scripture does it forbid us from protecting ourselves, families and others from random criminal assault. It’s not an issue.

But now, after four and a half years of the Christian Gun Owner, it’s time to rally and understand the huge number of people who legitimately call Jesus Lord and lawfully own firearms. The CGO site is kind of confusing to some people who are not gun owners or Christians. They wonder where I got the name and how I came up with the site.

Well, I’m a Christian and I own guns. Christian Gun Owner. It’s never been more complicated than that.

But you’d be surprised how after shootings that are on the national news how I get blasted by people who think they need to blame the shooting on me. Especially when the shooting is in a Christian church, school or college. I had an idiot write to me after the shooting at the Christian Academy and act like the tag line of my web site was a joke and somehow applied to the shooter. Their words were “yeah, right”. Intelligent huh?

I’ve said it before and I guess I’ll have to keep saying it regularly: Guns are not an issue insofar as our Christian faith is concerned. How strong our faith and relationship with God is determines how we handle and present ourselves as gun owners. But the guns themselves are not an issue. We’re no better or worse as Christians for owning or not owning firearms.

So, Christian Gun Owners, stand straight, hold your head up high and be what God intended for you to be. And if you own and enjoy guns, know that there are millions more of us joining you weekly. Loving and serving God and our families and using guns for recreation, sport, food, and self defense. Carry on.

There is no reason not to.

Tell you what. Let’s don’t let these posts go by without connecting. If you ever felt like you were isolated (or maybe you are in your situation) leave a comment below and tell us about it. Let’s show the world that there are plenty of us to go around.