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America’s Greatest Challenge (Really)

America’s greatest challenge is not racism, fascism, socialism, nationalism, or any other “ism”. America’s greatest problem at the moment, that may possibly be irreversible with 24 hour access to everything, is its citizens’ inability to ignore endless issues that break out, seemingly every 30 seconds. None in particular. Any of them. Wrote that because just […] Read more »

Police Shoot Out Of Fear For Their Life – Not Racism

With everything being put online in minutes all over the country, the rise in back seat authorities on everything has risen dramatically. Over the last year we’ve seen graphic, video instances of white police officers shooting black suspects. The common thread in all of the shootings is the words “racist/racism“. The common characteristics of people […] Read more »

The General Public Can Help Lower The Body Count Of Future Mass Murderers

Regurgitating and parroting the same “clever” statements to try to put liberals in a “gotcha” situation is a proven waste of time, energy, and online space. We will never reason with idiocy that possesses an ideology that will not be released even at the expense of life or death. That’s the theme of the article. […] Read more »