Self Defense

Self defense as it applies to keeping law abiding people from being victims. Includes the legal aspects including with firearms.

The General Public Can Help Lower The Body Count Of Future Mass Murderers

Regurgitating and parroting the same “clever” statements to try to put liberals in a “gotcha” situation is a proven waste of time, energy, and online space. We will never reason with idiocy that possesses an ideology that will not be released even at the expense of life or death. That’s the theme of the article. […] Read more »

Self Defense With Or Without A Firearm

Because I’m a Christian, people often expect me to stay within the acceptable cliches’ that are supposed to define us. The problem with those cliches’ is that many have no Biblical basis. They have simply gained traction over generations of time because they sound right. With many Christians, self defense seems to be an anomaly […] Read more »