Political Absolutes At What Cost?

Promotion and focused criticism are part of the political process in any national election year. But if the participants (voters) don’t show some restraint in the primary season, the results can end their chosen party’s or philosophy’s chances. It’s not the promotion of anybody’s candidate that is the grave danger in the Republican/conservative corner this […] Read more »

Reality Of Trump As President

*Donald Trump is not a Christian. Get over that notion. *Donald Trump is not the savior of the world. *Donald Trump is not the best choice for anyone primarily voting for social moral issues, i.e. abortion, gay marriage, or nominating U.S. Supreme Court nominees against the legality of the same. *If Donald Trump is elected […] Read more »

Shelve The Political Rage Or Lose The Race

We’re a year and a couple months away from the next presidential election. But we are already in a hotbed of political debate ranging from mildly disagreeable to absurd. I saw the timeline of Reverend Rob Schenck, leader of the Washington based ministry, Faith And Action, after stating his choice for the Republican presidential candidate […] Read more »

Invoking The Second Amendment Has Little Effect On Our Gun Rights

Being a parrot seldom results in lasting influence however far our social reach may extend. In other words, repeating the same thing over and over again without adding anything significantly different than the other millions that said it, generally means it falls on disinterested ears. Such is the endless invocation of the “Second Amendment”. Continually […] Read more »

Meaningless Party Power Change

It appears that the mid term elections will be a public referendum on the performance of President Obama. That’s why you haven’t seen him campaigning for anybody. No politician that has had any association with his policies wants him within 3 states of them. Even in this America that is so comfortable with government taking […] Read more »