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Police Shoot Out Of Fear For Their Life – Not Racism

With everything being put online in minutes all over the country, the rise in back seat authorities on everything has risen dramatically. Over the last year we’ve seen graphic, video instances of white police officers shooting black suspects. The common thread in all of the shootings is the words “racist/racism“. The common characteristics of people […] Read more »

What Subjects Belong On Facebook?

A number of people like to lecture on what subjects should or shouldn’t be discussed on Facebook or on “social media” in general. They like to appear noble by looking like they’re staying above the fray in whatever controversial issues are trending. Here’s the reality. Facebook and other social media are public forums. That means […] Read more »

Very Little Practicality In Professional Advice

Funny. Lots of people today are getting their legal, medical, dental, and trade advice online. They are avoiding face to face professional input like the plague. Why? Interesting perspective from “advisers” on FOX news the last couple of days. Especially interesting when they’re giving advice for “average” people. One, talking about a common legal predicament, […] Read more »