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Faithless Electors – Political Sewage In The Electoral College

Yeah, lots of people opposed to Donald Trump being elected president are calling on Electoral College electors to refuse to cast their vote for Trump. That would make those electors “faithless electors”. Here’s the problem with that little proposition. It makes those electors the sewage of our Constitutional system of national presidential elections. The Electoral […] Read more »

Voting For The Best For Our Country

No Christian currently facing the voting choices available today should be intimidated by the loud, incessant nonsense of those insisting that voting is bad under the circumstances. I’ve never known of a situation where Christians staying out of the voting process made a city, state, or the country better. Lesser of two evils, The best […] Read more »

Reality Of Trump As President

*Donald Trump is not a Christian. Get over that notion. *Donald Trump is not the savior of the world. *Donald Trump is not the best choice for anyone primarily voting for social moral issues, i.e. abortion, gay marriage, or nominating U.S. Supreme Court nominees against the legality of the same. *If Donald Trump is elected […] Read more »