The causes and potential solutions for all types of crime across the U.S.

The General Public Can Help Lower The Body Count Of Future Mass Murderers

Regurgitating and parroting the same “clever” statements to try to put liberals in a “gotcha” situation is a proven waste of time, energy, and online space. We will never reason with idiocy that possesses an ideology that will not be released even at the expense of life or death. That’s the theme of the article. […] Read more »

Christians In The Line Of Fire

As you complain about what Obama is or is not calling the shootings in California, are you prepared or actively preparing to defend yourself and your family in case a similar event takes place someplace where you may go? Do you keep so much as a handgun with you to defend yourself and your loved […] Read more »

The Death Train Rolls Again

“And a guy just stood up and started opening fire. The guy was just kind of at ease, just standing there, just shooting.” Once again, the death train speeds down the track; this time at The Grand Theater in Lafayette, Louisiana. The death train engineered by the sorry owners of the theater who assisted the […] Read more »

The Answer To Murderous Maniacs Remains The Same

I just got through reading the comments on a blog post by a famous conservative commentator. The post was about mass shootings, comparing gun crimes with other sources of peoples’ deaths. It compared common use of everyday items and their danger to the statistical dangers of guns. Fine. The comments then showed exactly why we […] Read more »