Britain Values “Freedom” – Really?

A British soldier hacked to pieces by a crowded street, his body thrown in the street by Muslims. The attackers had time to kill the soldier and about 20 minutes to stand by the street and rant Muslim garbage. They had time to get people to video them standing there with their tools of murder.

Police arrived in around 20 minutes and shot both attackers. British Prime Minister David Cameron of course, condemned the attack stating that terrorists could not win because of British “values”. One of those values listed was “freedom”. Really?

Britain has disarmed its citizenry to the point of helplessness. There has been much said about people “standing around” while the soldier was hacked to death. What would you have done if you have a family, were unarmed, no weapon ……? Would you have jumped in the mix?

No, Britain does not value “freedom”. That was proven when the only way to deal with two attackers with blades was to wait 20 minutes on police to shoot them.

Time To Leave No Doubt About Where Americans Stand

If anything this means Americans should stand even more resolute in not giving up one inch of freedom. In fact, instead of waiting on the next assault from anti American liberals, now would be a time to start slamming congress with lobbying efforts to decrease the restrictions on the firearms freedoms we have.

Criminals dying with their weapons in their hands is the best way to ensure there is as little confusion as possible about who to blame when defense of ourselves or others is necessary.

We the people have to make sure our country is never allowed to become complicit in terrorists running roughshod over our citizens because we have been disarmed.