America’s Greatest Challenge (Really)

America’s greatest challenge is not racism, fascism, socialism, nationalism, or any other “ism”.

America’s greatest problem at the moment, that may possibly be irreversible with 24 hour access to everything, is its citizens’ inability to ignore endless issues that break out, seemingly every 30 seconds.

None in particular. Any of them. Wrote that because just reading this you may be thinking this is referring to one issue.

It’s not.

There are serious issues in America that must be openly engaged with and decisively dealt with. Issues, that unless we deal with them forcefully will cost many Americans everything of value, up to, and including their lives.

But those are not difficult to identify, clearly and strategically respond to, and separate from the rest.

Offense Rules All Else

Everything else is just the next fight we engage in because we’re “offended”.

“Offended” is the reason most people take up battles that spring up everywhere 24 hours a day. Not because the issues will cause them any personal loss; just because of indignation that they deem “righteous”.


America’s greatest challenge is learning to IGNORE most issues that arise, that do nothing of any substance, other than just make us mad.

So, if you want to make the issue you’re most irritated about worse, write about it on social media. “Share” it when somebody else does. Post it on your blog. Be as indignant as possible. Or, try to be funny about it.

Show your “righteous indignation” to as many people who you can get it in front of. Because that’s exactly what the perpetrators of issues that offend us all want.

Attention. Any kind.

And sometimes harsh, critical attention is what they love to get most. Because it stirs the pot for more just like them to get on board.

No, today, learning how not to jump in the boiling cauldron of endless issues is what our greatest challenge as a nation is.

Remember, we don’t have to participate in what they do.

If we want to diminish the effect of the issues that tick us off the most, the only solution is to learn how to turn away and ignore them. Ignore them at the expense of responding, trying to appear humorous, witty, noble, spiritual, or righteously idignant.

Because as long as we continue to rant, rave, throw dust in the air, and give attention to the worst perpetrators of anti-American, immoral, subversive, rebellious behavior, the more they will thrive.

Because attention is the fuel to it all.

Prove it? I don’t have to. It’s already in front of us all.