The Death Train Rolls Again

“And a guy just stood up and started opening fire. The guy was just kind of at ease, just standing there, just shooting.” Once again, the death train speeds down the track; this time at The Grand Theater in Lafayette, Louisiana. The death train engineered by the sorry owners of the theater who assisted the […] Read more »

The Answer To Murderous Maniacs Remains The Same

I just got through reading the comments on a blog post by a famous conservative commentator. The post was about mass shootings, comparing gun crimes with other sources of peoples’ deaths. It compared common use of everyday items and their danger to the statistical dangers of guns. Fine. The comments then showed exactly why we […] Read more »

What Subjects Belong On Facebook?

A number of people like to lecture on what subjects should or shouldn’t be discussed on Facebook or on “social media” in general. They like to appear noble by looking like they’re staying above the fray in whatever controversial issues are trending. Here’s the reality. Facebook and other social media are public forums. That means […] Read more »