Invoking The Second Amendment Has Little Effect On Our Gun Rights

Being a parrot seldom results in lasting influence however far our social reach may extend. In other words, repeating the same thing over and over again without adding anything significantly different than the other millions that said it, generally means it falls on disinterested ears. Such is the endless invocation of the “Second Amendment”. Continually [...] Read more »

Meaningless Party Power Change

It appears that the mid term elections will be a public referendum on the performance of President Obama. That’s why you haven’t seen him campaigning for anybody. No politician that has had any association with his policies wants him within 3 states of them. Even in this America that is so comfortable with government taking [...] Read more »

The Gay Mafia Needs To Be Sent The Way Of The Dinosaur

It appears that across the board, on virtually all tv channels, the intent is to make everything as freakishly LGBT as possible. You know, even for people who try to appear “enlightened”, when everything in entertainment becomes a promotion of deviate sexual preference, it’s going to wear thin. The reality is the loud voice of [...] Read more »