Christians In The Line Of Fire

As you complain about what Obama is or is not calling the shootings in California, are you prepared or actively preparing to defend yourself and your family in case a similar event takes place someplace where you may go? Do you keep so much as a handgun with you to defend yourself and your loved […] Read more »

Prepare For Terrorists With Substance – Not Symbolism

Here’s what we’re about to start seeing: Terrorist attacks in countries with gun laws that restrict the right of their citizens to defend themselves. No different from “gun free zones” and individual mass shooters in the U.S. Aside from bomb attacks, shootings with sub-human terrorists killing masses of people who can’t shoot back. Terrorist attacks […] Read more »

Shelve The Political Rage Or Lose The Race

We’re a year and a couple months away from the next presidential election. But we are already in a hotbed of political debate ranging from mildly disagreeable to absurd. I saw the timeline of Reverend Rob Schenck, leader of the Washington based ministry, Faith And Action, after stating his choice for the Republican presidential candidate […] Read more »