The General Public Can Help Lower The Body Count Of Future Mass Murderers

Regurgitating and parroting the same “clever” statements to try to put liberals in a “gotcha” situation is a proven waste of time, energy, and online space. We will never reason with idiocy that possesses an ideology that will not be released even at the expense of life or death. That’s the theme of the article. […] Read more »

Voting For The Best For Our Country

No Christian currently facing the voting choices available today should be intimidated by the loud, incessant nonsense of those insisting that voting is bad under the circumstances. I’ve never known of a situation where Christians staying out of the voting process made a city, state, or the country better. Lesser of two evils, The best […] Read more »

Thanks For Voting

I can only speak to my conservative friends, Christian and non-Christian, because I am on the conservative side of the political spectrum. Kudos to all of you who took the time to exercise a right in this free country. Kudos for voting early this week or today on “Super Tuesday”. As Christians, thank you for […] Read more »